About The Hillcrest Consulting Group


Levelling the playing field

Many association executives who deal with the public sector ask: How is my organization positioned with the government I need to deal with? Do I have the correct connections with key decision makers? Do I have the time to build relationships with the government, the bureaucracy and with Opposition members? When the next election is called, am I prepared with trusted relationships regardless of which party wins?

The Hillcrest Consulting Group Inc. can help you answer these questions, and depending on your organization’s needs, will work with you to build strategic connections and relationships.


Dedicated professionals

Ralph Palumbo and Kelly Mitchell have a total of 35 years of strategic and advocacy experience. They have worked with numerous professional organizations such as the Certified General Accountant Association of Ontario, the Insurance Bureau of Canada, the Ontario Professional Police Association and the Archdiocese of Toronto.

For any organization, the key to excellent government relations is to ensure that it has strategies that support its objectives, that it can connect to the key decision makers, bureaucrats, and Opposition members and that it has established itself as a trusted advisor and thought leader on the issues of importance to its members.


Organize & Strategize

We will work with you to clarify your organization’s goals and objectives; help you to develop an effective government relations strategy to further those goals and objectives, or to evaluate and make suggestions on how to improve your existing plan; and, based on the current political environment, we will assist you to maximize your effectiveness there. We have strong connections throughout the country and can ensure that you meet the right people at the right time and to educate them on your organization and its priorities.


On call for you

We know that many organizations do not require active government relations. Many simply require assistance and support on a timely basis.

At Hillcrest, we can devise or evaluate current strategies for how to deal with government and its agenda now and as the election becomes a reality, help effectively position the organization and its messaging with all parties, their respective staff and the bureaucracy, ensure that the organization is aware of various political events that they should attend to build and maintain relationships and that you be ready for any changes following elections.

Of course, we can also bring our many years of lobbying experience to bear on your behalf should you require assistance bringing your issues and objectives directly to government.